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Fri, Apr. 14th, 2006, 09:58 am

My housemates and I planted seeds on Sunday the 9th, and we got sprouts on Tuesday! Now most of the seeds we planted have sprouted. I'm surprised by the germination rate--we put three to ten seeds in each container, and almost all of them sprouted! The first to come up were the kale (which make good eating, btw) and the sunflowers. Tomorrow, Saturday, we're going to add our compost and some manure to the yard and create beds so we can direct seed some of the plants. Unfortunately, we just got a bird feeder that we put in a tree above our garden, so there are birds all over the ground looking for tasty seeds and worms.
I biked to work today and it was over 70F (20C) before I left the house! I arrived to work sweating even though I was just wearing a tank top and short shorts (but I was wearing my fleece uggs...I need new shoes). So I'm excited about this long weekend. I'm going to go to this new park (Middlesex Fells) I discovered that's less than ten miles from my house and is huge!