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Sat, Mar. 25th, 2006, 01:45 pm

Spring has arrived, and I am SO ready. I still have my full winter beard (which, btw, is now haute couture according to the Thursday NYT style section), but I don't think I'll need the insulation much longer. All the buds on the bare trees have doubled in size. The crocuses are blooming and the tulips are pushing up through the semi-frozen dirt. My housemates and I are getting really excited about gardening this year.
Work is the same, not too busy. I'm posting flyers everywhere, organizing advertising in local papers, calling people and doing phone screens, analyzing stats from the last study, working on an antisocial personality disorder paper, and slacking off reading the news. We had a ridiculous St Patty's day party (Boston is very Irish) and hundreds of people came--well, at least one hundred. I'm still fighting the straggling bits of sinus infection that started March first, but have been over most of the cold since about the 15th. I got my test results back from my exam that I had to take with a fever, and it's a good thing I'm not actually in school anymore and my grades don't matter. And that if I do want to go to grad school, Marlene will hopefully shoehorn me into her Behavioral Neuroscience program.
Right now I'm waiting on the car inspection--Danielle and I finally switched the registration over to MA, long overdue. Now we can get a parking permit and I can drive to work sometimes. But now I won't have to 'cause I can bike! As of Monday, the average low temperature is just above freezing, so I won't have to worry about ice patches as much.