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Thu, Feb. 9th, 2006, 02:56 pm

About an hour ago I was waiting for the T to take me to work, felt the cool February breeze fluttering my fur and thought, "I'm really enjoying my life." I feel very comfortable with what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. I had just come from an interesting ADHD lecture and had gone to my statistics class earlier. Too bad the statistics class is above my head--I'm going to have to drop it because it's very heavy on the matrices and linear algebra, less so on the concepts that the calculations represent. But I'm still happy I'm pushing myself. Then I came to work, photocopied some fliers, posted a craigslist ad, called some potential participants, listened to some music, organized my papers, responded to some emails, talked with co-workers, and ate a grapefruit. I took apart an excellently illustrated neuroanatomy pamphlet that Danielle's dad gave me and put it on the walls like posters. Also on the wall is the MRI of my brain, not to mention a model brain you can take apart on my desk. And I have such a beautiful south facing window that catches all the sun even in winter (I bought full spectrum tubes to compliment it).
My housemates have been aggravating me with their late-night noise lately, but that's part of group living. I've been slacking with the contact-keeping since I got back from Australia, so I'm going to make a renewed effort to start calling people again.